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    "Also, some argue that happiness maybe based more on status and position within society as opposed to a definition based on absolute terms. If true, then inequality actually harms those at the bottom." -Interesting I've never thought about status mattering,...
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    Tony, I always appreciate a lively discussion and your thoughtful response but I do take issue with some of your comments. "the traditional corporation has done little to dramatically improve the position of the least well off." I think this...
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    Tony, I am wondering why for profit companies can't create dramatic change? Or change the world? Can you please provide a definition of what it means to change the world? I read on your blog you are trained as an...
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    Dan, First I want to state that the book is wonderful. The biggest thing we can take from the book is that society makes certain assumptions about how nonprofits should act and we take these assumptions as the commandments with...
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