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    1) I agree with Kristof that anti-free trade sentiment can harm the poor - but we can do better than providing factory jobs. What we really should be doing is help provide better education, here and around the world, so...
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    Hi Chris, Quick comments here: 1) My experiences in China make me believe that while corporations and capitalism has dramatically helped large populations of people, those at the very bottom have not accrued much of the benefit. Many people have...
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    Hi Chris, Thanks for responding to my comment. I'm not saying that for-profit companies can't create dramatic change - they often do, as Google, Apple, Cisco, and a whole host of other companies have demonstrated. I also believe that philanthropy's...
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    Thanks for the link Dan, but I would like to clarify my comments to move forward the debate - I'm actually in agreement with much of what you criticize the sector for (undercompensation, lack of resources) but think that it's...
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