Let's Stick Together

I received an e-mail from a real innovator running a really imaginative, socially entrepreneurial fundraising engine. He just received a copy of "Uncharitable" and wrote:

 "I opened it to two random pages, one about Google, and one about win-win being a no-no.   All I can say is Yep, and Yep.   Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it.  Being an investment banker or talk show host is a lot more remunerative.   Maybe only Don Quixote and crazy people try to innovate in this field.  Sigh. Cheers, and thanks for writing this."

I get it. Boy do I get it. That's why those of us who really do want to see breakthrough innovation in this sector have to stick together. The forces of entropy are powerful, and it's very difficult to stick with this work if you get the slightest bit isolated. On the other hand, with like-minded people supporting one another we become a force of nature. This notion that we ought to be able to do well and do good, and the notion that we can scale the nonprofit sector to brilliant heights, at which it can be fun and exhilarating to work because of the progress we can make and the bog tools we can play with  - these are, as Victor Hugo said, "ideas whose time have come." So let's stick together, enthuse one another, defend one another against the critics, and keep our visions alive, thriving, and expanding. 

Note: the Bill Handel / KFI AM 640 interview was taped - will air next week. Details to follow.
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